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G-Factor™ HBV Plant Protein 'Mega Exercise & Weight Loss' Four Pack

Welcome to our Amazing One Time Introductory Offer! 

Priced at only $79.00 (includes free standard shipping)

Join the G-Factor™ Fitness Crew today!

  • 4 x Tubs of G-Factor™ HBV Plant Protein Powders
  • Free membership (as a customer) to our G-Factor™ Pro Fitness App to help develope your workout regime. Over 5000 + exercises - On Demand Live Videos, Nutritional Planner & Food App listing nutritional values of every food  type imaginable, Body Metrics & community forum. Links to Fitbit, Google and Apple Fitness Devices.
  • 190 Healthy Recipes in 4 Recipe Packs for those with different food preferences.
  • 2 x eBooks to challenge and support your fitness or weightloss journey.


4 Pack Special