October 06, 2020

58 Vegetarian Recipes

58 Vegetarian Recipes



At G-factor™ our goal is to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness by also developing long term sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices. We recognise we are often short of time as we juggle work, family, exercise and leisure time activities. The G-Factor™ HBV Plant Based Protein Powders have a roll to play ensuring that during those times when you need to perform, ensuring you don't miss out on the nutrients you absolutely need to look after your body properly. Because our Protein Powders are classified as 'high biological value' (HBV) Protein due to the full natural range of amino acids - including all 9 essential amino acids - and our prebiotic multi-fibre resistant starch for optimum gut health and immunity; we've got your back!

However, because we are focused on developing healthy, long term and sustainable eating habits we also provide a number of free recipe packs to suit most peoples food preferences.

Pictured is one of the recipes from our Vegetarian Recipe Pack. They are healthy, nutritious and were created to support active individuals. Whether its in the gym, CrossFit, running, cycling, tennis, footy, netball - whatever your chosen activity is - the combination of our plant based protein powders and Vegetarian Recipes will provide the energy you need to meet your goals.

Download the recipe pack here create and share your versions of the recipes on our social media platforms. 

Happy Creating! 

From the G-factor Crew

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