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G-Factor™ Pro Fitness App

Introducing The 

G-factor™ Pro Fitness App

We are 'LIVE' and pleased you are considering being part of the G-factor™ family.

The G-factor™ Pro Fitness App is for 'Existing and New' G-factor™ 'Body Intelligence' customers who purchase our HBV Plant Protein Powder Supplement range. You will be sent an email inviting you to join and obtain the credentials to download the Pro Fitness App from Apple or Google App stores.

  • The $12.00 per month fee for the PRO is charged quarterly at $36.00. (this is waived for existing and new G-factor™ 'Body Intelligence' HBV Plant Energy Protein Powder supplement customers who purchase any of the range. Please do not click on the links below. If you are an existing cutomer or new customer we will send you an email link to the App registration area. Once you have completed registration you will be able to download the App without charge from the Google and Apple App stores.
  • New customer who purchase the G-factor™ HBV Plant Protein Powder range will also be sent the same email. NOTE: If by chance you make an error and you are charged do not worry we will organise a refund or supply a product of your choice to the equivalent value - including free shipping.) If you just want to use the G-factor™ Fitness App without buying product you are most welcome to subscribe by clicking the link below.
  • The G-factor™ Fitness Pro has many additional features:


    With a PRO account you get access to even more options, for example:
    - More goal setting features
    - More progress and monitoring metrics
    - 4000+ Exercises - Including On-Demand Video Series Workouts, @Home  Workouts
    Series (great if you have no equipment) & 3D Animated Workout Series.
    - The best PRO training plans
    - Create your own plans and print them.
    - The Full Nutrition Program with links to all G-factor Recipe Packs on your mobile device.
    - Community Support