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G-Factor™ High Protein Recipes

52 great tasting healthy high protein recipes - with treats - to fuel your body.Salmon and Cous Cous

salmon and couscous salad


At G-factor™ 'Body Intelligence' our business is providing plant-based protein powders as part of a balanced diet. We recognise we are often short of time as we juggle work, family and leisure time activities. Our Plant Based Protein Powders contain all nine essential amino acids and also contain our prebiotoic multi-fibre resistant starch for optimum gut health and immunity to ensure you don't miss out - if you need to get your skates on!

However we are focused on developing healthy, long term and sustainable eating habits and so we have provided a number of different recipe packs to suit most peoples preferences.

This our High Protein Recipe Pack is nutritious, healthy - contains treats - and is designed to support active individuals. Whether its in the gym, crossfit, running, cycling, tennis, footy, netball, whatever your chosen actvity is, the combination of our plant based protein powders with High Protein Recipes will provide the energy you need to meet your goals.

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