About Us

 G-Factor™ ‘Energise - Recover - Nourish’ 

Hey, thanks for dropping by, we just want to share a bit of history with you.

Ray Giddens, the owner and director of G-Factor™ created the business in September, 2018. The name G-Factor is a play on the normal term associated with the words 'g factor' which is described as a measure of 'general intelligence' in psychometric terms. The idea being we also have to be 'intelligent' when it comes to our bodies.

Having worked for and collaborated with some of Australia leading F&B manufacturers across 20 years to develop and bring products to the market, Ray has worked with companies like  Harvey Fresh Juice, Coca-Cola Amatil, Nudie, Emma & Tom, Noah's Creative Juices, Parmalat,  Boundary Bend Olives - the parent of Cobram & Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Boundary Bend Wellness & Marubeni (Japan)

Ray has had his own personal health journey over the years, including managing weight - once weighing 102Kg, now 78Kg - and liver complications. This lead to a reseacrh and discovery journey starting in mid 2017 and the seed was sown for G-Factor™ and a plant-based diet. 

We also believe in the concept behind 'The Planet Diet' and see the demand for plant-based nutritional ingredients as being better for us and better for the planet in the longer term. We don't say "don't eat meat", after all we are omnivores, but we believe that a stronger bias to plant-based nutrition can meet the dietary needs of an active & healthy lifestyle. This is why we offer a free range of recipe packs to support individuals food preferences, with all recipes having a strong plant-based theme.

We live with & understand
 the daily pressures of life, just like everyone else, and recognise that we are often short on time as we juggle family, work, exercise and leisure activities. It seems to be be changing how we function, and ultimately how we live and experience life. Exercise, sleep and happiness are 3 critical factors to living a healthy life. The 4th critical factor is nutrition. For us the majority of nutrition needs to come from plant based sources.

For many of us being time-poor means we tend to consume foods containing a high proportions of red meat, processed foods, low-fibre foods, high-fat, low-fat high-sugar foods to fuel our bodies.

Too many of us consume the above foods which lead to a range of health problems. These can be serious and not only impact individuals, but family, friends and loved ones.

Health problems like......

• Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
• Depression
• Colon disease
• Liver Failure
• Blood Pressure
• Heart Disease
• High Cholesterol
• Obesity
• Osteoporosis

…. can all be linked to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and rest. While science and medicine continue to make significant progress in developing cures for these diseases and advising consumers of the associated risks of not adopting healthy lifestyle choices. At G-Factor™ we believe that the individuals need to refocus and learn to make healthier lifestyle choices. At times that can be challenging and the G-Factor™ Plant-Based Protein Powders which contain an all natural full amino acid profile - including all 9 Essential Amino Acids - and along with the ground breaking inclusion of our prebiotic resistant starch provide the high bilogical value (HBV) nutrients to assist people on the journey to a healthier life. Be that losing weight our providing increased energy for an active lifestyle, our protein powders supplement the dietary needs of individuals to help resist the poor choices.

Our goal at G-factor™ is to supply a range of ethical, natural, plant-based nutritional products and supplements to; energise the start to your day, restore internal balance, & nourish the body, 

Browse the website, read the blogs. The information is unbiased, draws on independent science-based research - such as Australia's world renowned research facility the 'CSIRO' - and other independent leading experts.

Anytime is a good time to begin the journey to  'Energise - Restore and Nourish your body - and your mind - with our range of carefully selected plant-based ingredients.

**All of our product are manufactured in Australian fully licensed HACCP accredited facitities and are measured against the FSANZ standard. Each batch is independently tested against the WADA and ASADA banned substance list.