Ambassadors Rewards Program & Introduction to G-Factor™

If you've arrived here then you are considering joining The G-Factor™  Ambassador Rewards Program and we are super excited to see you here. As part of the Ambassador program the first step is that we ask you to make a purchase of our Plant Based Protein Powders. It is a generous offer to get you started and the first step in getting you involved with us.

If you decide to proceed and purchase the G-factor™ HBV Plant Based Protein Powders - HBV meaning 'high biological value' because, with an all-natural complete amino acid profile, it also means that all 9 essential amino acids are therefore present. Add our prebiotic multi-fibre resistant starch for optimum gut health and you have a high performance protein powder with no nasties.

Because we don't use 'nasties', e.g. xanthan & guar gums, emulsifiers (soy lecithin), sucralose, maltodextrins etc., it may mean we are a little more expensive - but not that much.

Real Plant Based Protein Powders for longer lasting energy and nutritional benefits. Not just for Vegans & Vegetarians either. Plant Based Proteins are kinder to your body and they perform as well if not better than traditional milk based proteins and that's a fact!

In addition to these benefits we offer our Ambassadors an exclusive 25%  discount on all of the G-Factor™ product range with a unique code especially linked to you. But that’s not all! Let's summarise what you as an Ambassadors will receive: 

  • 25% off All G-Factor™ HBV Protein Powders - current and new release
  • 25% off All G-Actives™ Activewear products
  • Free Access to our G-Factor™ Pro Fitness App. Over 5000 + exercises, Food App, Complete Body Metrics data input & tracking, Nutritional Planner, Food List of every imaginable food - complete with calories per serve. The ability to set you up as a Coach within the App to coach your clients who join the G-factor™ Crew either via the Fitness App or free as a customer who regularly purchases the HBV Plant Based Proteins
  • 15% discount for all of your friends, followers and family with a unique code linked to you.
  • 5% commission on all sales generated from the unique code linked to you.
  • You have of course access to our 4 specific recipe packs from within the Pro Fitness App or from the website Blog. These recipes are just amazingly healthy, easy to prepare, taste fantastic and take the hassle out of what to think about preparing for meals each day.
    • 52 High Protein recipes
    • 40 Low Carb Recipes
    • 40 Vegan Recipes
    • 58 Vegetarian Recipes

We will also have quarterly prizes and giveaways throughout the year. Officially beginning with our current 12 months’ supply of HBV Plant Protein Powder prize ending on the 29th November and announced on the 30th November via Instagram.

As we said at the start; 'Welcome to the Crew' and we hope to see you on the other side!

If you are ready to proceed click here

All the best,

Ray & Steve