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You're here!

Welcome and we're excited to have you join the Crew.

We won't bother you with more reading but just to let you know once you have purchased the Welcome Pack we will begin setting you up with:

  • Your exclusive 25% discount code on all G-factor™ Sports Nutrition Proteins Powders.
  • 15% unique discount code for family, friends and followers.
  • 5% Commission on all sales linked to to the 15% discount code.

Officially we are running our current 12 months’ supply of Sports Nutrtion Plant Proteins promotion ending on the 29th November and announced on the 30th November via Instagram. So it's a great time to begin inviting family and friends to participate.

Note: When checking out use 'Free Shipping Australia Wide' but we will despatch as  'Express Shipping'

As we said at the start; 'Welcome to the Crew' and let us know if you need any help.

All the best,


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