G-Factor™ HBV Plant Protein Shaker

$10.00 AUD
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Add our G-Factor™ HBV Plant Protein Branded Protein Shaker to any order.

At 400mL it's no bigger than it needs to be. Add 2 scoops of any of our protein powders into the shaker and add the recommended 200 - 250mL of your preferred liquid - we recommend H2O - a 7 second shake and you're ready to go!

*Have your Vanilla A.M. Pre Workout Shake 45-60 minutes before exercise.

Put 2 scoops of the dry  P.M. Post Workout into your protein shaker and chuck in your gym bag and be ready to take your P.M Post Workout recovery shake.

*Take your Chocolate P.M. Post Workout Shake no later than the 30 minutes after exercise with H2O